Restaurant & Bars

Restaurant & Bars

Chatzigaki Manor offers the best restaurant and bar options in Pertouli. Breakfasting, lunching and dining are three good reasons to visit us, with local dishes, elegant venues and overwhelming views. Most of our vegetables come from our garden or from local farmers. Every day we knead dough for many different types of bread and the eggs come from our chickens. Jams, marmalades and spoon sweets are homemade, as are the cakes, cookies, sweets and fruit liqueurs we offer. Most of the meats and the game we use are local. Apart from the scheduled meals, we can also prepare whatever you wish on request. The hotel features a restaurant-bar, Boudoura, an indoor winter bar, Marossa, and a pool bar, Karpouza.

Boudoura Restaurant

Boudoura Restaurant is located on the upper level of the multipurpose building, surrounded by beautiful gardens, and offers incredible views towards the opposite mountain and Pertouli village. The color palette of the landscape blends perfectly with the combination of stone and wood on the walls, the wood-carved ceiling and the furniture of unique aesthetics, creating a warm, intimate atmosphere. The restaurant was named after the homonymous mountain peak that dominates the area at an altitude of 2,074 meters. It is open seven days a week and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant also offers a lounge area where guests and visitors can enjoy a drink, coffee, local herbal infusions, fresh juices and homemade sweets made with local recipes any time of the day. During summer guests can enjoy a fine meal at the garden.



Restaurant Pertouli Greece


Bar Lounge & Restaurant at Chatzigaki Manor Hotel - Pertouli
Boudoura Restaurant - Chatzigaki Manor
Exterior view of the Boudoura Restaurant, Pertouli
Boudoura Restaurant Pertouli, Greece
Exterior night view of the restaurant
Boudoura Bar-Restaurant Chatzigaki Manor Hotel
Restaurant at the Chatzigaki Manor Hotel
Boudoura Restaurant
Many thanks for a lovely stay. We all enjoyed the very warm and generous hospitality, beautiful rooms and surroundings, and the excellent cuisine. We appreciated the attentive service and attention to every detail. I hope we will be able to return.
Shellie A.

Café Marossa

The Café Marossa is located on the middle level of the multi-purpose building. The vaulted windows offer incredible views towards the opposite mountain that gives its name to the café. In the inviting setting of the Café Marossa, with its large, comfortable sofas and the warmth of the fireplace, guests enjoy– along with warmth and view–coffee, juices, local herbal drinks, alcohol drinks, small meals and sweets made with local recipes. Its terrace offers even better views of the forest and the mountains of the area. Café Marossa is open during the winter months.

καφετέρια, περτούλι




Pool Bar Karpouza

The small and stylish outdoor bar of Chatzigaki Manor overlooks Pertouli. It is open in the summer and serves the hotel’s swimming pool and the gardens around it. Nestled under the tall poplars, surrounded by greenery, and with a unique view that calms the soul, its guests and bathers can enjoy a cup of hot or cold coffee, imaginative juices, cool drinks or fast snacks. The pool area is ideal for summer parties and banquets, as well as an unsurpassable bachelor party destination.  The Pool Bar was named after a place name of the river that crosses the valley of Pertouli. Karpouza is the local name for the natural pools formed by the river, where locals and visitors swim during the summer months.



Pool bar Περτούλι


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