Health & Safety

Health & Safety

what we do to keep you safe during your stay

With the present text we want to inform you about the new way of operation and all the health protocols that we apply to protect the health of our visitors and staff, while ensuring that you will continue to enjoy our hospitality as you know it for the past 20 years.

  • The Hotel has received the “Health First” Certification Seal, which proves that the company complies with the health protocols.
  • We follow the health protocols and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels regarding the cleaning of rooms, public areas and staff workplaces, with particular emphasis on doors, doorknobs, tap handles, toilets, surfaces and elevator buttons.
  • Our staff has been trained in accordance with health and safety protocols. If, however, something extra makes you feel more secure, do not hesitate to ask. Our goal is to feel safe and comfortable throughout your stay.
  • We have equipped our staff with all necessary personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, aprons).
  • Our staff is subject to weekly checks through rapid tests and daily health check and thermometering.
  • The reception area is cleaned and disinfected more intensively.
  • The layout of tables and seats in the reception lobby has been modified to meet the prescribed distances.
  • A plexi-glass separator has been installed in the reception desk.
  • Check in-check out will be done at a distance, with each visitor separately to avoid conglomeration. Thank you for your understanding. Times for the above processes were modified according to Health protocols: Check-in: from 15:00, Check-out: until 11:00
  • Allow us to thermometer you on arrival, to protect everyone’s health.
  • Thermometry is performed by an automated non-contact method, using an infrared thermometer. The temperature is automatically erased a few seconds after it is displayed on the device. Personal data is not recorded, transmitted or stored.
  • In case of illness during the stay, guests must immediately inform the Reception staff, avoid contact with other persons and remain in their rooms.
  • If a guest develops symptoms relevant to COVID-19 infection, a doctor is called and the suspected COVID-19 case management plan is implemented as defined in the health protocols.
  • If the situation requires it and the guest needs to be transported to a hospital, the administration takes the appropriate measures so that the guest receives the proper care, and the National Health Organization is informed.
  • The hotel keeps a Covid – 19 event book in accordance with Greek legislation.
  • Remember always to maintain social distancing (1.5m), when it is practically possible
  • Relevant signs in prominent areas of the hotel remind you to keep social distancing.
  • The use of a face mask is mandatory in all outdoor and indoor areas of the hotel. If you need your personal mask(s) or protective gloves, we can supply you on request at the reception.
  • Alcoholic antiseptic solutions and hand disinfectants are available in each room in individual packages and all areas of the hotel.
  • If the weather permits, prefer outdoor public areas.
  • Hotel doors (buildings and public areas) will remain open, to allow better space ventilation, except nighttime.
  • Non-residents are not allowed to enter the hotel room buildings.



  • The room key is disinfected and covered with disposable film
  • All room types are over 20 m², feature large windows and most of them have a balcony.
  • Hotel rooms are equipped with radiators, not fan coil air conditioning units.
  • Individual antiseptic fluids are available in all rooms.
  • In each room, we have removed most of the decorations.
  • Laundry protocols for towels and linen comply with guidelines for use of higher temperature and recommended detergents. Our external partners have guaranteed compliance with these rules.
  • All textile surfaces such as carpets, curtains, decorative pillows, sofas, babycots, mattresses and sleeping pillows are disinfected using steam cleaner.
  • Sanitary appliances, soap container and handles are cleaned with bleach.
  • Surfaces, doorknobs and cabinets, refrigerator, hangers, lighting switches and thermostats, telephone, trash cans, TV, luggage stand are carefully cleaned with special disinfectant.
  • Slippers, bathrobe, remote control, hair dryer and water glasses are protected by a plastic cover.
  • The mini-bar service will not be available. You may, however, use the room-service.



  • Cleaning services will be offered according to the preferences of the guests:

Daily service: Our staff will have access to your room once a day for total cleaning.

Partial service: Our staff will receive and return clean linen, towels, and toiletries upon your request with the reception.

No service: No staff will enter your room during your stay



  • Food hygiene protocols are strengthened.
  • The tables and seats, in bars and restaurant, are placed in accordance with Greek law and Health Protocols.
  • Surfaces and equipment are washed at high temperatures and disinfected.
  • Our staff is equipped with all the necessary personal protective equipment.
  • The restaurant and bar opening hours are modified according to the applicable measures.
  • For non-hotel residents, a reservation is required (services are available at outdoor spaces only).



  • If the weather permits it, breakfast is served in the courtyard, under the trees.
  • The buffet will operate with plexiglass protectors.


  • If the weather permits it, lunch is served in the courtyard, under the trees.


  • If the weather permits it, dinner is served in the courtyard, under the trees.




  • Feel free and safe to enjoy your coffee and drink by the pool. We have taken all precautionary measures regarding distances and disinfection according to Health Protocols.



  • We have taken all precautionary measures to Health Protocols.
  • Sunbeds are disinfected after each use



  • The gym, saunas, children’s room, ping pong and pool hall will remain closed during the pandemic period.
  • The playground games have been placed in the courtyard and will be used under the supervision and responsibility of the parents.
  • All the outdoor experiential activities of our hotel are still available to our guests in compliance with all personal protection measures. Ask us for more details!


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We wish you a pleasant and safe stay!