Mountain sports & activites

Mountain sports & activites

At our hotel there are several ways to relax and re-establish contact with nature and your natural senses. A walk in the surrounding area will rejuvenate you, the natural beauty of the landscape enchant you. If these are not enough and you want something more intense, there are plenty of opportunities for various activities in the surrounding area throughout the year.

In winter, the mountains that surround the village are dressed in white and offer snow sports, including skiing (the ski resort is just 5 km from the hotel), and snowmobile riding. In addition, the area offers bird-watching, fishing and hunting opportunities.

Weather permitting, visitors can engage in a variety of recreational activities, including sightseeing, climbing, hiking on a branch of the E4 path that passes through Mount Koziakas, or on various other well-marked paths, horseback riding, archery and cycling at the meadows, and kayaking and rafting on Aspropotamos river.






Pertouli Ski Resort

The ski resort of the area is located 5 km from the hotel. It is ideal for those who want to learn skiing, both children and adults, beginners or more advanced; it has training courses and equipment rental shops. In addition to skiing, young children will definitely enjoy sledding down the hills.

The ski resort has three downhill slopes:

– Tsitsanis (red) 1500m in length

– Tzintziras (blue) 400m in length

– Ethikos (green) 80m in length

And three cross-country runs, of 1500m, 2500m and 3700m length each.

And three lifts:

– 1 aerial double-seat, 1170m in length

– 1 sliding one-seat, 350m in length

– 1 baby-lift, 60m in length

The resort has two chalets, one at the foot, and one at the top, of the ski center. On several evenings the central slope is lit up, offering ski lovers the opportunity to night ski. The cross-country ski runs are near the ski resort. In addition, those who enjoy the excitement of ski mountaineering will find suitable mountains for this sport, such as Mount Marossa.







Snowmobiles, ATVs and horse riding

For an extra bit of adventure you may hire ATVs or, during the snow season, snowmobiles, for a wonderful ride in the meadows of Pertouli. You can also take horse-riding lessons, or if you are an experienced horse rider, rent horses and gallop through the woods. Snowmobiles in winter and ATVs in summer are experiences that you should not miss.








Hiking trails of Pertouli

Hiking around Pertouli is another great activity which you may chose during your stay. It offers the opportunity for exercise in a magical landscape with a magnificent view. The Pertoulian meadows and the fir forests around them can, without exaggeration, be called a miracle of nature. The colors and woodsy fragrances change each season. The area around Pertouli is ideal for unforgettable walks in the woods. The marked hiking network of Pertouli consists of three routes which start from the Pertouli square. The are designed taking into account several important points of interest: you may pass churches, the forest, the meadows, spings, bridges, the river etc.



In this route you will pass through the church of Kimiseos Theotokou and Agia Kyriaki, the guerrillas monument, you will cross the meadows of Pertouli and the forest and you will see the river.



In this route you will have the chance to enjoy an unilimited view to the gorge of Mana and an opportunity for bird watching and herb collection



In this route you will cross a stone bridge, you will enter the forest, you will encounter ravines, small waterfalls and at the end the fountain of Braiko. This route is linear, so you will have to walk it back in order to return to the village.


You can find detailed information and descriptions for the routes and their technical details (walking time, difficulty level, uphill, downhill etc.) by visiting (*)

Moreover you may download a useful app for mobile devices: (*)



Other routes in the forest

If hiking is not the ideal activity for you may choose an off-the-road route for bicycling in the woods to enjoy the incomparable beauty.  You may rent bikes from local rental shops.

Whatever your choice, the nature of the area is stunning and will compensate you to the fullest.


*We bear no responsibility for third party content, vendors, or applications. The information above is provided to assist the guest in finding the relevant activities and help achieve the best experience during the stay.











Rafting and Kayaking

To explore the area via its rivers and enjoy the power of their marvelously clear waters, try rafting, kayaking or canoeing. Facilities are found at close distance from Alexiou Bridge, a scenic route to follow, or, a little bit further, at Three Rivers, in the borough of Aspropotamos.








Kokkinos Vrachos – Pyli – Meteora

For those who are passionate about climbing, there are fields for all levels of experience not far from the Manor. The closest is the Kokkinos Vrahos (Red Rock) which is located near Elati and has three routes. Near the village of Pyli is a climbing field that has five sections and many routes. And then, of course, there is Meteora! Climbing up the cluster of these impressive rock towers that have four sections and dozens of routes is an awe-inspiring, unforgettable experience.

8am: I am running up the hill surrounded by pine-trees. A bit of ice on the ground, fresh air enter my lungs and the sun brings life on the mountain sides. I am alone with absolute silence... knowing that at my arrival back "home" a hot shower and a marvelous breakfast is waiting for me... just perfect!!!
Koen (Dutch living in Barcelona Spain)


Classic room - Chatzigaki Manor

Classic rooms

2 adults and 1-2 children, queen size bed, around 26 sq.m.

Garden Residence Room

Garden Residence Rooms

2 adults and 1-2 children, queen size bed, around 37 sq.m.

Prestige rooms - Chatzigaki Manor

Prestige rooms

2 adults and up to 1-4 children, queen bed, around 45 sq.m.

Superior δωμάτιο ξενοδοχείο Αρχοντικό Χατζηγάκη,Περτούλι, Ελάτη

Superior rooms

2 adults and 1 child, king size bed, around 40 sq.m.

The Manor Suite at the Chatzigaki Manor

Manor Suite

2 adults and 1 to 2 children, king size bed, about 50 sq. m.

Garden Residence Suite

Garden Residence suites

2 adults and 1-2 children, queen size bed, around 50 sq.m.

Superior Suite at the Chatzigaki Manor

Superior suites

2 adults and 1-2 children, super king-size bed, around 80 sq.m.

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