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a list of answers to frequently asked questions

What is the distance between Athens – Pertouli?

The distance between Athens and Pertouli is 366 km.

What is the distance between Thessaloniki – Pertouli?

The distance between Thessaloniki and Pertouli is 261 km.

What is the distance between Lake Plastiras – Pertouli?

The distance between Plastira Lake and Pertouli is 59 km.

What is the distance between Meteora – Pertouli?

The distance between Meteora and Pertouli is 42 km.

What is the distance between Patras – Pertouli?

The distance between Patras and Pertouli is 343 km.

What is the distance from Pertouli to the nearest airports?

The nearest airports are:

Nea Anchialos Airport (Volos): 177 km

Ioannina Airport: 132 km

Macedonia Airport (Thessaloniki): 291 km

Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (Athens): 386 km

What is the distance from Pertouli to major ports?

Port of Volos: 166 km

Port of Igoumenitsa: 187 km

Port of Thessaloniki: 260 km

Port of Patras: 345 km

Port of Piraeus: 384 km

Where is the nearest ATM?

An ATM of the Cooperative Bank of Thessaly is located at Elati (15 km)

Alternatively, at Pyli (28 km) there are ATMs of the National Bank of Greece and of Piraeus Bank.

Where is the nearest pharmacy?

The nearest pharmacy is located in Elati (15km).

Where is the nearest health center or hospital?

The nearest Health Center is located in Pyli (28 km). The General Hospital of Trikala is 49 km away from Pertouli.

Where is the nearest gas station?

The nearest gas station is located on the 6th km of the provincial road between Pyli and  Pertouli (about 22 km from Pertouli).

Alternatively, at Pyli (28 km) there are several gas stations.

EV Charging Stations

There are several charging stations in the city of Trikala.